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Really, this is about you.

You came to us like so many looking for a solution that is affordable, effective and easy to use. Perhaps someone you love has died and you don’t know what needs to be done. You may be a professional looking for automation to assist your clients or maybe you are a Funeral Home wanting to offer the families you serve a better choice for reporting and filing.

We have served thousands of people like you that wanted a better way to report a death and file the documents that are required to correctly notify the government. We have created a unique proprietary system that generates and e-files documents from anywhere there is an internet connection. Bringing to you the products that you need to complete your tasks as an Executor, next of kin, the person responsible or to better serve your clients.

 How it works

Enter your information, review – click send. Only takes minutes to do. Unique proprietary software files all your documents all at once.

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 Who we are

A team of dedicated professionals that drive technology to bring to everyone product that save money and precious time.

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 Where is it available

InukFile® products are available through your local Funeral Home, Law firms, accounting professionals and Financial institutions. Please contact your professional provider for availability and current pricing.

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